Today has been strange.

I woke up late. REALLY late. 10:43 am. I had therapy at 11:00. I called her immediately to tell her I was going to be late, and then scrambled to get myself ready.

She was really nice to me and said that even though I was late, she could let me run over my session so I still had a full session. At the end, she gave me this photocopy of a newspaper article about cognitive therapy and specifically about how to deal with negative self talk.

I am guilty of all 7 types of cognitive distortion outlined in the article:

  1. all-or-nothing thinking
  2. over-generalization
  3. mental filter
  4. disqualifying the positive
  5. jumping to conclusions
  6. magnification or catastrophizing
  7. labeling and mislabeling

The article goes on to say that to combat negative self talk (or cognitive distortion) you’ve got to learn how to push it out of your mind.

It suggests:

STEP ONE: Write down self-critical thoughts as they occur to you

STEP TWO: In a 2nd list, try to identify what type or types of cognitive distortions your automatic thoughts represent.

STEP THREE: In a 3rd list, write down rational responses to your emotionally colored self-critical thoughts.

It seems so easy when written like this. But anyone suffering from a mental disorder knows this is so, so difficult. I wrote this out so that I could have a quick reference point and to share it with anyone who might be suffering from this like me.

We have to help each other right?

After therapy, I went home, actually got ready for my day, had time to have lunch and then hurry off to work, where I am now. It’s hardly been a day. So strange.