I have not left my apartment in two days. I can see how easy it would be for me to become a shut in.

I didn’t actually talk to anyone today either.

Kay got laid off from her job on Thursday and decided to leave for three days to see her boyfriend. I’m glad she’s gone because when she gets back she’s going to be here all the time. Her coming home early on Thursday was so disruptive to my workflow that I worked straight through until 7:30 /this/ evening trying to get all the production work done.

I hate how much of my time it takes up. He’d better like it! I work hard and I still haven’t been paid anything.

After that, I sort of reclaimed my day off. I watched Archer, made a batch of waffles for the week, and finally finished off one piece for my illustration portfolio while finishing up that Merlin TV movie from the 90s with Sam Neil (which is still awesome, btw).

I also relieved some stress by singing in Van’s empty room which has killer acoustics. I don’t have a great voice or anything, but there’s something cathartic about singing at the top of your lungs in a space with great acoustics. Try it. Even if its just your bathroom. It releases endorphins for sure.

Still feeling stressed out. No roommate leads. Gotta come up with extra money somehow.

But at least I got one down for the portfolio.